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"Нашей работе будут пытаться мешать. Влиятельные группы продажных чиновников и ничего не предпринимающих «предпринимателей». Они хорошо устроились. У них «всё есть». Их всё устраивает. Они собираются до скончания века выжимать доходы из остатков советской промышленности и разбазаривать природные богатства, принадлежащие всем нам. Они не создают ничего нового, не хотят развития и боятся его. Но будущее принадлежит не им. Оно принадлежит нам. Таких, как мы, абсолютное большинство. Мы будем действовать. Терпеливо, прагматично, последовательно, взвешенно. Действовать прямо сейчас. Действовать завтра и послезавтра. Мы преодолеем кризис, отсталость, коррупцию".

«Россия, вперёд!»,
Дмитрий Медведев

"А что, как разлетится этот туман и уйдет кверху, не уйдет ли с ним вместе ...город, .. исчезнет как дым и останется прежнее Финское болото, а посреди его, пожалуй, для красы, бронзовый всадник на жарко дышащем загнанном коне".

Ф.М. Достоевский

Кто там рожден, чтобы вымысел Поэта сделать былью?

Обращение в Европарламент с просьбой помочь восстановить братское захоронение и мемориал героям Великой Отечественной войны и блокады, уничтоженные Газпромовской структурой на Охтинском мысу

The President of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz, B-1047, Brussels, Belgium

Mr. President!

I am asking for your help in the following situation.

In February, 1942, during horrible Blockade of Petersburg (at that time – Leningrad) my great-grandmother Anna Klementyeva died from hunger, having given up her ration to my mother. My mother, who was a the 14-year-old girl then, brought her for burial to the gates of a ship-building factory Petrozavod, because she, herself, had neither strength to carry the body any further nor money or food to pay for the burial at a cemetery. In the territory of the factory there was a funnel from a German bomb where the victims of hunger, air raids and bombardments were being buried.

Then in 1967 on this place a memorial of granite and ship iron was erected. Money for the memorial was collected by citizens and the workers of Petrozavod.

50 years later, in 2007, Gazprom bought all the buildings in territory (a small islet under the name of Ohtinsky cusp in the city center), where Petrozavod was located, and demolished them in order to construct there a skyscraper for its office.

They promised to keep all the monuments – on this cusp there were also the remains of Neolithic settlements, Old Russian, Swedish and Finnish fortresses, an old cemetery and the factory museum. Gazprom fenced the Ohtinsky cusp with a high wall, which left nothing visible.

However, in September, 2009 from the top floor of the house opposite I saw, that Gazprom took down everything in the territory – including the memorial.

Approximately 80 % of the population of Petersburg (which makes about 4 million people) were against Gazprom’s project, so we struggled – in courts, at meetings and processions, and collected signatures under different applications. We won - the project was rejected.

But the monument to the victims of the Blockade hasn’t been restored, and the future of the burial place under it isn't known. Deputy inquiries, concerning my complaints, were answered by the former governor of St.-Petersburg, V. Matvienko, and she said, she wasn’t going to restore the destroyed memorial, because it had been constructed for money of the citizens, and not for public expense; as for human remains, some other officials in Moscow should be dealing with those. All my applications to Moscow, concerning this matter, were left without any answer.

The office building on the Ohtinsky cusp has for more than 2 years been used to store the boxes with the remains from the cemeteries. From the report of the ecological commission under the Governor of the Leningrad district I learned, that the soil from the Ohtinsky cusp had been taken out at least in 5 trucks and thrown out at a dump along the Murmansk highway. The remains from the burial place under the memorial can be there.

I used all legally possible ways in the Russian Federation – I addressed to courts, wrote complaints, visited officials.

The authorities of St.-Petersburg have violated the laws of the Russian Federation, international obligations of the Russian Federation and basic concepts of human conscience. An official from Moscow in April 2011 allowed Gazprom to develop the site. Chances to find the remains of my great-grandmother and other victims of war and to restore the memorial are disappearing.

With all my heart I ask you to help me to force the government of the Russian Federation and St.-Petersburg to observe the laws and norms of conscience and to take necessary measures for finding the remains of the citizens, who had died during the blockade including my relatives and to restore the memorial to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and Blockade.

Yours faithfully
Hoping for help
Olga Olegovna Andronova
Citizen of Russian Federation

(addreds & date &signature)

I support this petition of my niece
Anna Nikolaevna Latysheva (Klementeva)
C. Wellington 17, 08018 Barcelona


1. Memoirs of A.N. Klementeva (Latysheva) and Malysheva E.G.

2. Extracts from the report of the ecological commission under the governor of the Leningrad District.

3. The answer of the governess about the memorial and human remains in reply to deputy question

4. The answer of the vice-governor about the human remains in reply to deputy question

5. The answer of St-Petersburg City Committee on state control, usage and protection of historical and cultural monuments with the statement that historical and cultural expertise was not done.

6. Pictures of orthodox and Lutheran memorial service near Ohtinsky cusp.

7. Pictures of the rests of memorial under the snow in the yard of city museum

8. The letter from Moscow with the permission to develop the site.

9. Pictures of human remains at Ohtinsky cusp from archeological report in Russian Academy of Science

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